About Us

Independent Bottler & Purveyor of fine Scotch Whiskies Pure Fruit Smoothies worldwide.

Willimott HouseWillimott House Ltd is an Independent Bottler and purveyor of fine Scotch Whiskies and Pure Fruit Smoothies worldwide. Based in the county of Surrey while having production and bottling in central Scotland in the UK for Scotch whisky, and production and bottling in Tilbury in Netherlands for smoothie, our company is defined by its commitment, quality, healthy smoothie products and refinement.

Our head office is based just West of London from here we are ideally based to serve the global market place but at the same time ensure we maintain the very highest standards of product manufacture and customer service to our clients.

The Birth of Sincere natural fruit juice smoothie

Sincere brand was born from the following philosophy:

Land (soil) + crops cultivation + rain = Fruit = natural fruit smoothie

Nature has given us fertilised land, and we should use it to cultivate crops, harvest the fruits, and transform them into natural fruit juice smoothies. Doing so, will mean the producers are Sincere in all of their activities, and they owe this sincerity to consumer’s health.

Scientists had been warning over the last few years that all fizzy drinks are dangerous for Human health. These drinks are causing obesity with serious life threatening health conditions encompassing diabetes, cancers and so on.

Sincere natural (pure) fruit smoothies, will offer alternative and healthy smoothie juices to support those consumers who care for their health.
From Europe to Africa, government officials have been promoting the concept of ‘eat and drink’ only healthy foods and drinks. We want to offer only healthy drinks that are rich in Vitamins and to help consumers live healthy lives.
Our fruits are imported from Malawi, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Cote d’ Ivoire, Costa Rica and Chilli.